Mai Lapyst mai-lapyst

Hi there :3 Welcome onto my little page! Here you'll see all my current projects and what I have worked on in the past.

Active Projects

  • the lapyst language; always something to do around here! If you're interested about it, you can visit it's homepage, play around in the playground or just pay the compiler a visit and skim through it's code!

  • ninox.d / my dlang libraries - ninox.d is a suit of libraries for dlang, including a async framework, a webframework, a orm, a data-serialization library and so on... if you're using dlang, pay it a visit; maybe you'll even find a thing or two!

  • ... and a endless and evergrowing mass on various other things x3

Very cool things you also might wanna check out!

(also these might be upon that pile of things I sporadically work on!!!)

  • containersh - a login shell to forward users to docker containers.
  • tabfs48 - specs libtabfs fuse driver - a filesystem build for osdeving / hobby oses. Designed to be modular and simple to work with since everything is aligned onto 512 bytes (so harddrive access is easier!)

... and much more organized in... well organizations!!

In an (ongoing) effort to somehow get a better overview of what I actually all have, am, and will be developing, I'll mostly sort things into organizations in this forgejo instance. Here are some of the most frequently used:

  • bithero-agency "parent" org and catch-all for anything I haven't had the time to make a proper org yet, or are simply to small to do so for.
    • bithero-agency-cpp "sub" org that tries (TM) to hold all of my little C/C++ projects. Currently that are not much since the most of them are still somewhere else littered...
    • bithero-agency-js "sub" org that nearly holds all my type-/javascript projects. Look here mainly if you're interested into webdevelopment, since this is the place where you'll find most of that, plus (hopefully) all of my react/vue/and-whatnot-else components I'll created over the years.
    • bithero-agency-dlang home of the dlang libraries mentioned above.
  • chalkos my attempt on osdeving / an own linux distro! maybe a visit worth if you're also in os development!

what's next??

I dunno. I'll might add things to this when I re-discover them. Until then, you'll either can dig to my repos yourself or head over to the beautifull fediverse where you can ALSO find myself:

Have a awesome day!!! :3 <3